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A Message From The Founder


It is my privilege to welcome to you the Texas Association for PPECC’s.   Since founding this organization, it has been my honor and duty to represent all PPECC owners across Texas in advocating for our precious medically complex babies and kids.  Together, we have made great strides thus far.  In a short amount of time, we have been able to change state rules that govern PPECC’s.    We are also proud to announce our Bill changing rules and reimbursement has been filed in both the House and the Senate. 


Together, with a collective voice, we can create the PPECC gold standard to shape the growth of this industry in our state. 


I am proud to be leading the cause.




David R. Maymon

Texas Association for PPECCs  Mission

A Bit of Background

Welcome to the Texas Association For Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Centers.  We are a new type of health care facility in Texas that was created to provide skilled nursing and therapies to medically complex babies and children.  We are facility based so our kids come to us in the morning and leave in the afternoon.  Each day our members ensure our kids are in an enriching environment where they can thrive physically, developmentally and socially.

The mission of the Texas Association for PPECC’s is to educate the public about this new program and work with public policymakers at the state and federal levels to promote the interests of our patients and facilities.

Kids in Preschool

Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Centers

Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Centers (PPECC's) allow minors from birth through age 20 with medically complex conditions to receive daily skilled nursing care in a non-residential setting.

When prescribed by a physician, minors can attend a PPECC up to a maximum of 12 hours per day to receive medical, nursing, psychosocial, therapeutic and developmental services appropriate to their medical condition and developmental status.

Important News

The Texas Association of PPECC’s is proud to announce that today, after nearly two years of advocating for specific rule changes, Texas HHSC (Health and Human Services Commission) just made it official and published those rule changes.  The changes in that rule proposal included removing the baccalaureate degree in nursing requirement for the nursing director, removing the requirement that prevents the nursing director from being included in the center’s staffing ratio, removing the requirement for a center nurse to accompany all minors during transportation, and adding language that will allow PPECC staff to determine the necessity of a nurse during transport according to a minor’s plan of care.   “We could not be prouder of our fellow PPECC owners for this long hard push to get HHSC to change these rules that have a tremendous impact on how we operate here in Texas” said Association Chairman David Maymon.  “I want to thank the folks at HHSC that worked with us for over two years to make these changes.  They are a special group of people that really care about the children we provide care for each day and want PPECC’s to succeed in Texas” said Maymon.

" Texas PPECC Association is on the map "


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